Service information

It is important for the quality of end products to control the production process from its beginning to the end. The production process is controlled according to the IPC-A-610-E standard. Ensuring the cleanliness of the PCB, which is an important factor influencing quality, is carried out in accordance with IPC-CH-65B. During the production process and before the actual shipment of the board, we test the following methods:

Automatic optical inspection (AOI)

  • 1x SAKI Bf-Comet-e
  • 4x SAKI Bf-Sirius
  • 1x SAKI 3Di-LS2-L
  • Endoscope (BGA Inspection camera)

In-Circuit test

  • 3x Reinhardt ATS-KMFT 470 with Type 147 Manual Test Fixture
  • Reinhardt ATS-KMFT 670M-5 with Type 42A-3 Manual Test Fixture
  • Type52L Manual Test Fixture for testing oversized PCBs

Functional test

  • Complete functional test - I2C
  • Mechanical tests
  • Visual test
  • Camera test

Burn-in test

  • High voltage test

Complete functional test - I2C, RS232, Bluetooth, programming

Mechanical tests - automatic test of buttons, switches, toggle switches, magnetic relays (reed switch)

Visual test (automatic measurement of height and position of components)

Camera test (measuring LEDs and displays - measuring wavelength and light intensity)

Sound test (buzzer test - measuring the frequency and intensity of sound)

High voltage test (HV Test - both AC and DC)